About Us

Asset Marketing Systems was founded by Rick Metcalfe in 1997. Rick’s vision was to build an army of advisors, preaching the gospel of “safe money” to America’s Greatest Generation. With diligence and a singular charisma, Rick revolutionized the industry with his innovative senior seminar system, turning the “safe money” message into a crusade. Rick’s mission was to help advisors “double their income and double their time off.” Many achieved the income goal, but as they eagerly applied Rick’s principles, few actually took more time off!

Our mission is to not only help increase your income, but to help increase your profitability by helping you build a recurring revenue stream. This is how we can deliver on the second half of the promise: to double your time off. We believe that a rich life can only be realized by reaching both professional and personal goals.

AMS producers will achieve long-term prosperity by committing to a singular cause- to change the lives of their clients for the better, and by sharing their best ideas with fellow producers in the disciplines of marketing, technology, and sound financial and retirement planning. This culture of sharing is unique in the FMO space.