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June 2014, San Diego, CA — As you’ve probably read in at least one if not more industry articles over the past couple of years, the wave of 77 Million Baby Boomers entering retirement at the rate of 10,000 a day - every day - for the next 19 years is here!

Unfortunately, many of the 77 million people are not entering their Golden Years gracefully. Their retirement nest egg took a severe beating, and much of the equity in their homes disappeared. Where once they planned for and looked forward to retiring, the fear of running out of money before passing away is very real.

Sustainable retirement income is what every Baby Boomer is searching for. Nowadays, many of them will have to work into their 70s before they can even think of retirement, while others may have to risk their paltry remaining financial resources just to survive.

This generation is in need of sound financial advice, and this wave of need will last for decades, providing today’s advisors with unprecedented opportunity.

Asset has been devising many ways to help its producers respond to this need. We can provide you with proven marketing strategies to generate sales, referrals, use Social Media effectively and more. We offer marketing solutions for everyone, any budget, any level of experience and any type of practice. Asset will train and mentor you to become the only income planning professional your clients need.

Our Retirement Income Puzzle workshop is getting almost double the response rate of any other workshop. Attendee quality has been very good, and the audience response has been off the charts.  Many attendees have said that the information is “exactly what they’ve been looking for!” Along with the workshop, Asset has developed a one-on-one sales presentation, taking the prospect through a series of steps to assure that they will have the income they need in retirement.

Our Social Security Puzzle presentations have also been extremely popular events for our advisors. The presentation’s engaging information gets responses, which means more sales for you. Our presentation stands apart from other FMOs, encouraging audience involvement and teeing up appointments with prospects that see you as the expert who can solve their claiming strategy questions.

We will also provide you with other proven strategies to get you in front of some of these 77 million prospects. You’ll be able to get responses, increase revenue, save time and money with our effective, field-proven Planning Your Legacy seminar. Our estate planning guest speaker travels to your location and conducts the seminar for your clients and prospects at no cost to you. As a result, you’ll benefit from increases in all lines of business.

What does all this mean to you? Asset has more to offer a producer than just commission and we have created more successful financial professionals than any other FMO in the industry.

When you choose Asset as a partner to in your endeavors, we will build your business and help you take advantage of this tremendous wave of opportunity. We will also provide you with: a personal coach to work with you, training opportunities such as our an annual Sales Symposium where you get a chance to hear from our top producers, quarterly sales trainings offered through Asset University and sponsored by top insurance carriers, a mentoring program to allow you to work with and learn from a top producer with your goals in mind, and annual conventions to great places like Alaska, Kauai, Utah and Cabo.

If any or all of this sounds good to you, then give us a call at 1-888-303-8755. You could qualify for our next event in San Diego, California. We look forward to talking with you about how Asset can help you surf this titanic wave successfully.

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