Mike Botkin named CEO of Asset Marketing Systems

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Asset Marketing Systems

August 27, 2012 - San Diego, CA – Thanks to the company’s robust growth and success, Asset Marketing Systems’ (AMS) CEO Les Durland will be retiring at the end of the year. Mike Botkin, President of Preservation Financial and Insurance Services, Inc., will be assuming leadership as Chief Executive Officer, and Dee Costa, formerly Sr. Vice President, Sales and Marketing will take on the role and responsibilities of AMS President, effective immediately. These changes also mark the return of the company to its producer-centric roots, Jennifer Metcalfe-Schendel, AMS Owner, Director of Operations, and Ricky Metcalfe, AMS Owner, Director of Producer Relations, announced today.

“In 2009, Les Durland agreed to work with AMS through a very important transition. We owe him an enormous debt of gratitude for all of his wisdom and the success he created here,” said Metcalfe-Schendel. “Having helped us reach the goals he set out to achieve with the company’s great senior management team, we will build our future by returning to our roots as a producer-centric organization.” Metcalfe-Schendel added that Durland would continue as CEO of Madison Avenue Securities, the company’s broker-dealer partner, as well as serving as an AMS consultant.

According to Ricky Metcalfe, the company always planned to return to the producer-centric vision his father shared when he created the firm. Today, thanks to healthy sales and growth, the company is perfectly positioned to make the transition.

Said Metcalfe, “Our father, a practicing producer, founded this company. Producers in the field truly valued the insights he brought to it, and in turn, to them. Today Jennifer and I are thrilled to announce that we’re returning to this model; we couldn’t be more excited as Mike Botkin assumes the leadership of our company as we start the next chapter of our success.”

AMS producers can expect to continue working with the very same dedicated professionals who have served them so well in the past, except now they will be led by a man who still works in the field and faces the same challenges they face every day.

When asked about his appointment Botkin said, “I am honored and humbled to have this opportunity to work alongside colleagues I have known for more than a decade, people whom I truly respect and admire, to carry on the family legacy. When I first started at AMS, I had the unique privilege of working alongside Rick Metcalfe and will carry on his commitment to values and integrity as we embark on a new era of unwavering dedication and support for our producers.”

Botkin, a 1977 graduate of San Diego State University School of Business, began his career as a financial advisor in 1999 with Rick Metcalfe, and has worked with AMS since 2002. He is also the President of Preservation Financial, founded in 2003, where he’ll continue to serve clients. Mike has also owned and operated successful small businesses and partnered in many real estate developments.

Botkin is well known for his entrepreneurship and business acumen. His long track record as a leader and his ability to motivate and inspire success in those around him are exactly what AMS needs to continue its mission to help producers achieve their goals while not sacrificing quality of life.

Concluded Metcalfe-Schendel, “We’re very excited about this new chapter in our company. Producers can expect a renewed focus on their needs by someone who walks in their shoes. We’ll continue to deliver the services and rewards that help our producers grow. We understand that their success is our success, and will do everything we can to help them prosper.”

About Asset Marketing Systems:

AMS is an Independent Marketing Organization (IMO) or Field Marketing Organization (FMO) that was founded in 1996 by Richard M. Metcalfe, II. After more than a decade of dedicated service, the company and its staff of highly qualified professionals have placed over $9 billion in annuities, life insurance and long-term care insurance premium.


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