AMZ Financial creates a new death benefit option for cash-value life insurance policies

By Jeff Janes

AMZ Financial Insurance Services, LLC

AMZ Financial Insurance Services announces it invented a new and unique death benefit option called the Cash Value Amplifier™ which positively enhances cash-value performance of a life insurance policy. The invention, created by Jason Konopik, Chief Financial Officer, was recently submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The new patent-pending feature allows an insurance company to amplify a policyholder’s cash value without violating the product’s tax advantages, carrier profitability or producer compensation. To accomplish this, the Cash Value Amplifier significantly reduces the death benefit costs within the insurance contract. These lower costs directly lead to considerably higher cash values. Those higher cash values, and the available tax-advantaged income, will appeal to customers seeking both death benefit coverage and tax-advantaged distribution of income.

“We are very excited to discuss the Cash Value Amplifier with insurance companies that are struggling to differentiate themselves in an already crowded and over-saturated market,” said Konopik. “Product innovation within cash-value life insurance has been stagnant for some time, and this new feature should appeal to the carrier, its policyholders and agents.”

While the death benefit is the primary reason people purchase life insurance, the popularity of using the tax-advantaged cash-values to supplement retirement income has grown significantly due to the current uncertain tax environment. “Accumulation-oriented life products are struggling to provide the cash value growth desired by consumers, and this new feature helps those clients accumulate more than what they otherwise could, even in a difficult economic environment.” said Konopik. Industry experts predict sales concepts utilizing cash-value products, especially Fixed Indexed Universal Life, to increase substantially over the next several years. The Cash Value Amplifier provides a means to increase the value of those products to consumers.

The invention can be used with any whole life, fixed rate universal life, fixed indexed universal Life, or variable universal life insurance product where cash value accumulation for future income distribution would be desired.

About AMZ Financial Insurance Services, LLC

AMZ Financial Insurance Services is an industry-leading marketing organization that has worked with a dozen life insurance companies to assist their product development activities. AMZ is also a national wholesaler and distributor for over 100 insurance companies focusing on life insurance, annuities, long term care and medical supplement plans.