ANBC – Annuity National Brokerage Co., a National Annuity Marketing and Training Company founded in 1978 by Paul J. Cross, President & CEO, who is known nationally as the annuity maestro.

ANBC, for 30-years, has taught agents & brokers the basics and advanced uses of Annuities in all aspects of financial and retirement planning.
Paul Cross is the Author of the book “Annuity Sales” published in 1974 as a training manual for the ANBC Certified Annuity Consultant program. The book clearly illustrated and gave warning of the next Wall Street Market Crash which is now often referred to as the Perfect Storm or the Financial Tsunami that is converging upon us.

Paul Cross’ knowledge of annuities stem from personal sales and annuity and life product development. His product development over the years include a series of Educators Tax Sheltered Annuities “ETSA Series”, Checkbook and Coupon Annuities, and one of the earlier EIAs known as El Toro Bravo and life product development includes the Capital Accumulator.
1. How long have you been in business?
Since 1978

2. What is your mission statement?
“Our mission is to provide superior assistance, guidance, knowledge and training with the best quality products to our associates and partners to enable us as a team to help our clients accumulate personal wealth on the way to their retirement and to help our clients in retirement enjoy more income, more growth and less tax, while providing more of their remainder to their heirs.

3. How many States are you licensed in?
All states except NY

4. What products and services does your company specialize in?
Annuities including MYGAs, F-EIAs, SPIAs, and Senior Modified Endowments.

5. What separates you from the competition?
Our dedication and drive to provide our associates and partners the very best product choices, training, and service.

6. What is the No. 1 benefit of working with your company?
Our dedication to service and training with the development of strong relationships.

7. What types of incentives (or perks) do you offer?
Professionally designed personal sales materials, lead programs, co-op public seminar programs, travel incentives, and awards.

8. Do you offer products and/or services that no one else offers?
Probably not. However, we strive to be on the cutting edge of products and services with strong relationships.

9. What is the first thing you want prospective agents/advisors to know about your organization?
ANBC is committed to our associates and partners.

10. How do you measure success and how do you share success with your agents/advisors?
The movie star Tom Hanks said, “Success is longevity.” And, that’s true. However, I have a different perspective of success. The more we enrich others the more enriched we become. The more we help others succeed the more successful we are. The more we empower others the more empowered we become and that’s how I personally share success.