Hats off to Glenn Neasham's team — case reversed!Blog added by Paul Cross on October 9, 2013
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Paul Cross

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The Neasham case has been reversed. Wow. What a relief it is that justice can prevail.

My congratulations to the team that worked so diligently and without pause to bring justice to the benefit of Glenn, his family, and for the industry as a whole; you have my praise.

The Neasham case was a travesty from the get-go, bankrupting the family and destroying their character, their wherewithal and their professional integrity in an unjust case that should have never gone to court under such circumstances.

You and I, and the industry as whole, owe great gratitude to the few, the strong and the brave who stood tall in pursuit of real justice: Larry Nevone, Richard Duff, Frank Laise and Richard Weber. They brought together the legal staff, including Joseph D. Axelrad and the Counsel for Society of Financial Service Professionals, and inspired victory.

For Glenn Neasham, his wife and his children the tragedy is not over. They have wounds and scars they will carry with them forever. Those in the industry should do what they can to help. Contact me for details.

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