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Subliminal messages allow us to explore ways to develop and close sales, or perhaps said more appropriately, they provides vital information to place us in a position to provide valuable services.

Business often goes where invited, but only stays where well treated. People want to do business with people they know and trust. The annuity business is the money business, and there is no business like the money business for you and your clients.

Annuities offer a super-safe expressway to wealth accumulation and multi-generational family wealth with many tax incentives in the accumulation phase, the income phase and in the phase of distribution to the heirs.

Annuities offer retirees a safe avenue of increased income, tax savings and a cost-effective generational distribution of cash assets and streams of income to heirs in the most beneficial settlement structures. Considering all this, why are people not standing in line to buy annuities? And why aren't all agents selling annuities?

The answer to both questions is education.

While in office as the Federal Chairman, Alan Greenspan was asked what threatens the stability of democratic capitalism. Greenspan responded with one word, “education.” That brings us to your opportunity.

You have the opportunity to become highly educated in all that annuities have to offer. In turn, you can then educate others about ways that can enjoy a longer lifespan with happiness and financial well-being, without the fear of outliving their money, with peace of mind and the knowledge that their heirs will benefit from their remainder.

Your success in helping others is also dependent on your ability to become educated in how to win prospects and influence clients. It all starts with learning to put your clients’ needs first. That is when you will master the principle of listening. That is when you will discover the power of subliminal messages.
Ever wonder why we have one tongue and two ears? Maybe listening is two times more important than talking.

Subliminal messages allow us to explore ways to develop and close sales, or perhaps said more appropriately, they provides vital information to place us in a position to provide valuable services.

Get the prospect to talk — a vital factor

Get the prospect to communicate with you and provide you with important and valuable information. How? Simply start a conversation with compliments and comments. Personally, I prefer to use compliments with prospects and referrals, but when a compliment cannot be sincere, I use comments that get the referral or prospect to open up.

Stop selling, help people accomplish their mission, and your sales will soar. Referrals will skyrocket, enabling you to accomplish your mission.

Mission, purpose, goal

The mission is the overall objective of your purpose and your goal. The purpose is relevant to each call and each appointment individually. The goal is the required action to accomplish the mission.

Caution: Commissions are important, not commission percentages.

My mission

“To help people accumulate wealth on the way to their retirement and to help people in retirement enjoy more income and more growth with less tax, all while providing more of their remainder for their heirs.”

My purpose

“To enrich others. To accomplish my purpose, I’m dedicated to delivering my message while listening to subliminal messages that open avenues of information and allow me to provide financial strategies upon which action is taken." That’s the secret to ending procrastination.

My goal

“To implement financial strategies relative to the accomplishment of my mission and my purpose. This is dedication to the success of others.”

Personal wealth — It’s all about money. Riches are values and possessions that you treasure. Prosperity is personal growth measured by both personal wealth and riches.​ The more we enrich others, the more enriched we become.
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