Failed justice system in the case of Glenn Neasham

By Paul Cross

Annuity National Brokerage Co.

The failed justice system does not go unnoticed and we should all be grateful for the many who are standing tall, on a platform, for due justice in the erroneous case against Glenn Neasham.

On every case there will always be two sides and rightfully so — it is the American justice system. And when we, as individuals, feel there is probable cause of abuse, bribery or theft, it is our responsibility to report such to appropriate authorities.

Unfortunately, we know our legal system randomly and historically has failed with the hanging and the sentencing of innocent people. Just as it is appropriate to report what appears to be probable cause of abuse, bribery or theft, it is also our responsibility to stand up and take action when our legal system, for what every reason, has failed.

In the case of Glenn Neasham, let us look beyond our personal interest and weigh in on the real issue and pull together to seek American justice which is to hold everyone accountable for their actions, including the judicial system.

I applaud, as I know many of you do, the efforts and the words of wisdom from people like Richard Duff, Roccy Defrancesco, Lew Nason, Jeffrey Reeves and so many others.

Agents, brokers, financial planners and even attorneys — and the list goes on — should be, rightfully, held responsible for their actions.

State approved — Allianz approved and issued Here’s my point: The product had the stamp of approval by the state of California and compliance and suitability approved and issued by Allianz. And, it’s noteworthy to mention that Allianz has made good on their annuity contractual commitment to the annuitant policyowner who, reportedly, has benefited greatly.

So where is the injustice? If there be injustice due to the age should the state of California be held accountable for their stamp of approval.

Here is my real point. For the many of us who feel the judicial system has failed and brought about injustice to Glenn Neasham it is time that we come together, including Allianz and other annuity companies, and pursue justice. I close with a statement from Benjamin Frankliin, “We must hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

Our future rests in our hands.