Annuities: a brief history

By Paul Cross

Annuity National Brokerage Co.

Annuities are the safest money contract available, complete with ironclad guarantees. The are also perhaps the most valuable money contract of all and the only money contract that dates back to the days of the Roman Empire.

During the days of the Roman Empire, gladiators traded money and property for annuities to provide a source of income for their families should they not return from the wars and the deadly games they so proudly played.

In the 1800s, the European banks issued annuities and in the early American days, the railroad companies issued retirement annuities until the employees were railroaded out of annuities and into inferior retirement plans.

Annuity owners today enjoy peace of mind with safe money annuities, where principal and growth are protected from market losses and corporate scandals with unparalleled guarantees and compound tax-deferred growth with tax-favored streams of income.

Annuities save you tax dollars; tax dollars that you can spend, save, or invest. Annuities can provide an automatic re-investment cash flow of tax dollars while providing ways to develop an income from 100 percent tax dollars.

The greatest concern among Americans over a span of decades is the fear of running out of money during retirement and today, the greatest fear is going bust before retirement — and unfortunately, many have.

Annuities are proven safe performers, accumulating wealth even during spans of financial crisis, and the annuity is the only money contract that can guarantee a stream of income for life.

Safe money annuities offer a selection of annuities, including one-year and multiple year money contracts and longer termed annuities with premium bonuses and special guaranteed income options guaranteeing substantial amounts of income for life, guaranteed.

Another benefit of safe money annuities is the special beneficiary option that directs payment of any remainder to the named beneficiaries outside the probate court, saving court costs, legal fees and court battles. A special feature permits you to leave a lump sum and/or a stream of income over the beneficiaries’ life expectancy without the necessity of a costly trust and the risk of a trustee.

Annuities put to rest two of Americans' greatest fears: going bust before retirement and running out of money during retirement. Now that’s peace of mind, or what some call sleep insurance.