Sales Best Practices - why they don't work

By Michael Lovas


Today, the most savvy sales cultures seek to collect best practices from their top people, and then teach those practices to their other people. In theory, that’s a smart model. So, what’s wrong with it? Plenty.

For starters, it’s ineffective because while most people can tell you WHAT they do, rarely ever can they tell you HOW they do it. If you don’t know the HOW, you can’t duplicate the results.

I'm extremely fortunate that my wife (and business partner) is also a world-famous expert at eliciting such information from subject matter experts. She normally does this with scientists and engineers. I've watched her do this for about fifteen years and it's astounding what she can get from someone else's mind. They are always things the other person is unaware of.

My next article will be on this topic and I'll give some relevant examples to illustrate why the idea of capturing best practices is absurd, and how you might take a far more effective approach.

- Michael Lovas