Sales psychology: What does your prospect believe?

By Michael Lovas


The first thing you need to know is what’s going on inside your prospect’s head. What are her expectations or beliefs about you in four areas:
  • Your organization

  • Your industry

  • Your profession as a sales person

  • You as a person
From a psychological perspective, the more you know about what the prospect already believes regarding those four things, the better equipped you are to position yourself and your product or service so they fit into that prospect’s belief system and values.

So, how can you learn those things? Ask. But, you can’t ask them to name their values. You have to ask them a why question – Why is something important?
  • Why is internal communication important to you?

  • Why is new technology important to you?

  • Why is social security important to you?

  • Why is an inheritance important to you?