Sales psychology: non-verbal clues

By Michael Lovas


What can you do to be taken seriously in the mind of your prospect? We teach our clients to talk about something relevant to the prospect and to use non-verbal cues, including:  

  1. Match the prospect’s facial expression.

  2. Match the prospect’s energy level.

  3. Ask the prospect for only a few minutes of his time.

  4. Place a prop on the desk, but do not refer to it.

  5. Speak a short list of problems that the prospect can relate to

The most important item is the last one. This is where you prove your relevance to that prospect. Say something like this, “My other business owner clients tell me that their biggest financial problems are…” Then, list three to five things that are most likely true to that prospect. After the list, ask, “Which of those is most important to you?”