Tip for success: let it go and stay positiveBlog added by Bill Bachrach on April 28, 2011
Bill Bachrach

Bill Bachrach

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I have noticed that some of the advisers we coach get "wrapped around the axle" when a prospect doesn't respond the way they hoped or a client doesn't behave the way they would like.

Does this ever happen to you? This is not productive and decreases future productivity because it can cause you to be tentative the next time you approach a prospect or a client.

This mistake is akin to the tennis player or golfer who can't get over a bad shot. You've seen this scenario unfold before: player hits bad shot, player smacks club or racket on the ground, player stews over it and carries negative emotions to next shot, and player proceeds to hit several more bad shots, thereby making a bad situation worse; sometimes resulting in a really bad outcome. The best professional tennis players and golfers learn to quickly put their bad shots behind them. They learn to let it go. What about you? Can you let it go?

The key lesson here is that your success or failure never hinges on the decision of one potential or existing client of any kind or any size. Your success or failure hinges on your daily habits.

Take a look at your habits for client acquisition activities, for example. How many referral conversations did you have today? How many self-referral conversations did you have today? How many follow-up calls did you make today? How many phone or face-to-face appointments did you conduct today? How many phone or face-to-face appointments did you schedule today for the future?

Imagine what will happen to your skill and confidence when you like the answers to all of these questions.

What would happen if most work days you engaged in the right amount of client acquisition activity? What if you did this on the days when people are responding positively to you and on the days when they aren't? What if you didn't let the inevitable negative responses deter you from doing what will lead to getting your next ideal client?

You can't eliminate bad outcomes, but you can learn to let it go. The best way to let it go is to take the next action that moves you in the direction of your goals. This is what mature professionals learn to do.

If you want to be in control of your own destiny and not at the mercy of whether or not a few individuals struggle to make decisions about hiring you or referring you, learn to let it go.
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