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What is "Drop me anywhere?"

"Drop me anywhere" is an attitude. It's a way of being. It's a skill. It's confidence. It's not arrogance or cockiness. It's relaxed. It's comfortable. People are attracted to people who are drop-me-anywhere good.

A person who can be dropped anywhere is a person who knows that, with very little money in their pocket, they can be dropped in a town where they don't know anyone and they will figure out how to add value to the people in that community in a way that makes them money. And it won't take long.

Would you like to be drop-me-anywhere good? How would being drop-me-anywhere good impact your life, personally and professionally? What does it take to be drop-me-anywhere good?

First, you need a product or service that helps people. It should be something that a fair number of people in any community, in any economy, would be able to afford and find valuable.

Once you have such a product or service you will need the ability to strike up a conversation with just about anyone you meet in just about any situation. These are called people skills.

A key people skill is the ability to ask questions during a relaxed a conversation at a social or business function to determine if your product or service would be valuable for the person you are speaking with. You will make a friend, develop a prospect or both.

If true value exists, your ability to make the connection between the value of your product or service and something the person you are speaking with cares about will be vital.

Once you have helped the person with whom you are speaking discover that you can add value to their life, you will need to be effective at making an offer or proposing a next step. You'll be more successful if your next step initial offer does not cost anything. An initial consultation or quality experience of some kind works great as the logical next step to exploring if and how you might help this person.
During the step where you create a good experience for your potential customer or client, you will have to have the ability to monetize the relationship. All this means is that there comes a natural point in the relationship where it's appropriate for them to begin paying you for the value you deliver. You will want to be very good at explaining how much it costs, what they get, and how the value to them easily exceeds the cost.

Last, but not least, you must deliver what you promise on time. By delivering the value you promise in a timely manner, you are establishing the good reputation that will make you a long-term and welcome member of your new community. It's also your ticket to getting referrals and being warmly introduced to your customers' or clients' friends, families and colleagues. A person with drop-me-anywhere abilities does not leave referrals and these introductions to chance. They are effective at asking for referrals and facilitating a warm introduction.

As a person with drop-me-anywhere skills, you will get hired often enough to make enough money to cover your basic expenses; soon thereafter, you will be making enough money to live a very comfortable life; and soon after that, you will be making enough money to achieve all of your goals and fulfill your values.

Question: What's a great drop-me-anywhere business that requires no capital to get started, helps people, and pays well?

Answer: Financial services.

Make a commitment to be drop-me-anywhere good. You're already in the perfect business.
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