Nice guys don’t have to finish lastBlog added by Bill Bachrach on November 30, 2011
Bill Bachrach

Bill Bachrach

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Nice guys don’t have to finish last, but trying to make sure you never piss anyone off is guaranteed to slow you down. If you are serious about your professional goals, you can’t be worried about keeping everyone happy.

This may sound as if I’m contradicting my own motto: It’s all about them. But don’t be fooled. “Them” refers to people who are or will be great clients, not everybody else.

You have your goals, your standards and your system for serving clients. This is why “it’s all about them” — it’s the best mindset for creating a thriving, sustainable financial practice — not because you are entered in some kind of popularity contest.

There will be times when you have to do something that is patently disagreeable to people, but doing so will be crucial to achieving your objectives. In other words, you have to stand your ground if people:
  • treat you like a salesperson,

  • don’t implement their plan,

  • try to get you to alter your market strategy based on what they read in investing magazines, or

  • are less committed to their financial goals than you are.
To me, it’s largely about integrity. How can you credibly purport to help others achieve their goals if you’re not achieving yours? You’ve got to be living a financially successful life, or you haven’t earned the right to help others be financially successful.
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