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What's wrong with our education system? Why are so many kids under-performing their potential? And, how is this relevant for you as a financial professional who would like to be more successful?

Principal Steve Perry, renown for his success in helping parents help their kids succeed in school and in life, says that parents who have the most success with their kids:
  • Are consistent
  • Have a structure in place
  • Monitor the structure
  • Follow through
According to Perry, one of the biggest mistakes parents make is giving their kids too many choices. Another mistake parents make is spending too much time being friends with their kids. They are too nice. Perry says, "Parents are not holding their kids feet to the fire to do what's necessary for them to be successful."

According to Perry, kids actually value consistency, structure, and parents who follow-through with monitoring and accountability. They know they need it and no matter how much they may rebel in the moment, they recognize this as a sign they have parents who care and love them.

Without consistency, structure, monitoring, and follow-through kids become adults without the habits required to create predictable, recurring, and lasting success.

What does this have to do with being a successful financial professional? Everything.

You might be thinking, "But I'm not a kid!" — not any more. Yet, you probably have the same challenges: scattered, fragmented, distracted, too many choices, and under-performing your potential. You get to the end of the day and compare what you actually did to what you know would have produced the best results for your clients and your business; and, you can only shake your head hoping tomorrow will be better.

Wouldn't the same things that Principal Perry says are important for kids be valuable for you and your professional success: consistency, structure, monitoring, follow-through; and someone to hold you accountable?

As an adult it's up to you to recognize your own need and choose to opt into a community where you can get this structure and support. Your mom and dad are no longer in a position to make you do it. Everyone is more successful when they have structure and someone to "hold their feet to the fire." It's not a kid thing or an adult thing. It's a human thing.

The most successful people recognize this and take action.
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