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What does a financial adviser need to master in order to build a successful business? Six things.

Client service mastery
Helping your clients get their entire financial house in perfect order and keeping it that way forever.

This starts with the implementation meeting, which is the first meeting after you've been hired, and cycles through three meetings per year to help your clients keep their financial house in perfect order.

Client acquisition mastery
Mastering four elements:
    1. Asking for referrals.
    2. Making follow-up calls in a way that is engaging and leads to a reasonable percentage of referrals agreeing to a more in-depth phone appointment about how you can help them.
    3. Facilitating this phone appointment in an effective way so a reasonable percentage agree to a face-to-face initial client interview at your office.
    4. Conducting brilliant client interviews so a reasonable percentage hire you.
Leadership mastery
Building and leading a team of Best-in-Class™, Subject-Matter™ Experts, technical and administrative, who help you help your clients get their entire financial house in perfect order and keep it that way forever.

Communication and people skills mastery
Asking the right questions, being an empathic listener, and when it is your turn to talk, giving your advice with conviction in a way that's all about them so that your clients take action and implement.

Mindset mastery
Thinking like a business owner instead of like a practitioner. Focusing on what you can control and not being distracted by events out of your control like the market, the economy, or world problems and conflicts.

Time, priority and calendar mastery
You running your business instead of it running you.

Know your priorities, put them on your calendar as appointments with yourself and others, and develop the habit of honoring your calendar.

Embark on the master’s journey and you will acquire the ideal clients you need to generate the business revenue to cover your expenses, pay your taxes, and have the net income you want for a great present lifestyle — as well as the money you need to fund your future goals and financial independence.
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