Four signs of an intelligent client acquisition methodology, Pt. 4

By Bill Bachrach

Bachrach & Associates

An intelligent methodology includes implementation support.
Early in my speaking career, if people liked what they heard at my seminars, they could go to the back of the room and buy my mastery system. The package included (and still does) all the necessary books, audios/CDs, and videos/DVDs along with four quarterly teleconferences — other than that, they were on their own.

After a while I included additional support: I’d put my 800 number up on the screen and say, “If you have any questions you can call me.”

Hardly anyone ever did. They’d buy the system, take it home and put it on a shelf. Jim Rohn calls this the law of diminishing intent. They’d have great intentions when they bought the system, but they didn’t do anything with it. That really bothered me, so I began focusing on helping people implement the system.
Most human beings under most circumstances most of the time need help implementing. They’re a lot like kids learning to ride a bike without training wheels. When they’re first learning, it’s not unusual to lose their balance and tip over.

When that happens, we pick them up, dust them off, get them back on the bike, and give them a push. If we stand there for a little while and watch them, they’ll either fall off again or veer off course. It’s our job to catch them and get them going in the right direction.

Ultimately we get so good at this that we anticipate them falling off the bike, and as they start to lean over, before they hit the ground, we reach up, push them back in the seat, and keep them moving in the right direction.
Before you adopt a methodology, ask this question: When you veer off course or fall off the bike, what’s built into the system to make sure you get back up and move in the right direction at a rate of speed that will get you where you want to go?

If the system doesn’t include human interaction to help you implement, it won’t matter how good the content is. An intelligent methodology includes an ongoing accountability structure and a mechanism for getting things done.
Don’t be a salesperson. Be a trusted advisor with an intelligent and effective client acquisition methodology.