Four signs of an intelligent client acquisition methodology, Pt. 3

By Bill Bachrach

Bachrach & Associates

An intelligent methodology leads to an incredible life.
Twelve or thirteen years ago I was giving a presentation at a major wire house in Los Angeles. During one of the breaks, a young man in his early 20s came up to me and told me how excited he was. He a hardworking, ambitious guy with fire in his eyes and enthusiasm in his voice. He was modeling his business after a two-million-dollar producer in his office, and he was clearly focused on the money.

I suggested, “Before you model your business after somebody else, make sure you look at the whole picture. Don’t just look at the business, look at the person’s life. How many times has this guy been married? What kind of relationship does he have with his kids? What kind of physical shape is he in? Is he healthy? Does he have time to work out and is he inclined to work out? How many hours a week does he work? Do you really want the whole picture?”
Before you choose a methodology to implement, find out about the people who use that method. Don’t just zero in on the money they’re making or the number of clients they have; focus on the whole life.
Our favorite success story is Mark Little, not only because of the financial wealth he’s earned by implementing our methods, but because of the incredibly wealthy lifestyle he’s created. Mark’s business generates a predictable annual cash flow of $1.6 million, with predictable annual expenses of less than $500,000.

I know there are advisors who make more money, but I’d put Mark’s whole picture up against anyone else in the industry. He works three days a week, he’s gotten himself in great physical condition, and he has amazing client loyalty. I don’t care who you are, how smart you are, or how articulate you are, you couldn’t steal one of his clients in a million years.