With the increasing number of annuity options available to your clients, it can take a considerable amount of time to weigh all of them. With our NEW Search and Compare Web tool, you can:

Quickly and Simply enter your clients' annuity criteria to search and compare:
     • Strategies and rates
     • Premium bonus (if applicable)
     • Rider options
     • Surrender charge schedules
     • Free withdrawal options
     • Minimum guarantees
     • Issue ages and state availability

Plus, after completing your search, you can request a quote for one or all of the options with the push of a button.

The best part? You can take the Search and Compare tool with you everywhere you go. Access the Search and Compare Web tool from your laptop, tablet, and even your mobile phone. Click here for a short introduction now.

Go to www.BILTD.com/AnnuitySearch on your smartphone or desktop computer to start your annuity search now.

For financial professional use only – not for use with the public. 12302-2/7/13

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