Finally, your clients can receive one simple Statement of Benefits each year that will show them what their targeted future income will be1. Access the TargetBenefitTM Annuity kit now.

With the NEW TargetBenefit Annuity and TargetPaySM or TargetPaySM Plus Income Benefit Rider, you can help your clients customize their annuity to provide:

A premium boost with an upfront Premium Bonus2,

Predictable income they can't outlive3,

The opportunity for increased income based on the Consumer Price Index4,

Confinement Income "Tripler" Benefit to help supplement costs in the event of an extended illness or injury5, and

TargetReserveSM, a personal "piggy bank" that allows income to accumulate until a later date6.

To find out how you can offer this smart, straightforward solution to your clients, call Sales Support at 866.528.7934.


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1. The Statement of Benefits assumes no withdrawals are taken prior to accessing the Lifetime Income Benefit. Any withdrawals will reduce the Lifetime Income Benefit amounts.

2. No premium bonus on TargetBenefit Select. Bonus annuities may include a lower Cap Rate, Participation Rate, higher Annual Spread, or other limitations that are not included in similar annuities that don't offer a premium bonus feature.

3. Assuming no Excess Withdrawals taken

4. Increases only applied on the contract anniversary for a limited number of contract anniversaries after Lifetime Income Benefits have commenced.

5. Available after the second contract year. Owner must meet confinement criteria outlined in contract. See policy for details.

6. Withdrawals from TargetReserveSM do not impact Lifetime Income Benefit amount. Assumes no other transactions have taken place.


TargetBenefit10 Annuity [TBS10 (09/12)],TargetBenefit 15 Annuity [TBS15 (09/12)], TargetPay Income Benefit Rider [TBSIRF (09/12)], TargetPay Plus Income Benefit Rider [TBSIRI (09/12)] or state variations are issued by Aviva Life and Annuity Company, West Des Moines, IA. 19528 079313

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