Monitor this area on for important information that can help you make more commission income, close more sales and qualify for our exciting producer incentives.

Here are just a few programs designed exclusively for you:

Accelerated Marketing Program (AMP)
The all- new AMP program was developed to provide you with timely rewards you can use throughout the year to supplement your marketing and strategic needs, allowing you to use the money immediately to boost sales.

Referral Awards Program
At Creative Marketing we believe in rewarding the producers who help us grow by referring other producers. Our unique program offers you, as a contracted agent with Creative Marketing, incredible additional earning potential with minimal effort.

Dynamic Marketing Portal
This exclusive portal houses a variety of programs to help you with lead generation and relationship management tactics, while also providing education resources to help improve your marketing efforts. All of this in one place that is accessible 24/7.

With Creative Marketing by your side, you can spend time doing what you do best… selling. For over 25 years, our team of professionals has focused on helping you to achieve this goal. The result? We have grown to become one of the foremost annuity and life marketing organizations in the United States. It has been our good fortune to share this vision with our agents: that a partnership based on trust and built on service will ensure our mutual success.

Over the years, we have refined our efforts to better meet your needs. We value our partnerships, and to that end, we constantly strive to expand our services in a quest to improve our relationship with you. For you, this means saving time, serving your clients and building your business.