Do business smarter, faster and better with a proven CRM system

Your day-to-day business is packed with all kinds of information and important details. Policy specifics, reporting data, compliance numbers, client records, investment details … how do you keep track of it all? If you're not using an online, on-demand CRM solution, you could be duplicating efforts and wasting precious time that could be better spent selling. Get started now with SmartOffice, a hand-selected system created specifically for financial advisors and insurance agents now available in the Dynamic Marketing Portal*.

In this spotlight presentation, we'll provide you with a sneak peek at how the SmartOffice CRM:

• Provides you secure access to all of the data and

details you need, regardless of when and where

you're doing business

• Streamlines workflow by providing one easy-to-use,

customizable interface

• Simplifies your ability to manage all client details

and connect with them with just a mouse click

• Minimizes the time and energy you put into

organizing pertinent business information

• Reinforces trust and credibility with clients – with

training support and resources built in


Combined with the unique ability to create specific reporting to keep your relationship-building goals on track, this one-stop-shop for managing everything you need to do better business could change your practice in no time.

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