Implement a proven lead generation program that targets high-end prospects for less

Are you tired of trying one lead program after another and experiencing mediocre results at best? Stop wasting time and money and start seeing results with a proven marketing method used by some of the industry's top producers across the country.

Creative Marketing introduces First Class Leads, a direct marketing program that provides you with a reliable way to generate quality appointments quickly and cost-effectively. More importantly, all the leg work is done for you so you're free to focus on selling. With this turnkey system available exclusively in Creative Marketing's Dynamic Marketing Portal*, you'll:

• Develop a professionally designed direct marketing campaign for a retirement
  income analysis.

• Target prospects with a minimum of $250,000 of income producing assets
  who meet your criteria.

• Work with a professional call center to set appointments for you.

Now's the time to start accessing First Class Leads and enjoying first class results.

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* First Class Leads is available through Creative Marketing's Dynamic Marketing Portal. Production requirements apply.

This program is an exclusive offer through Creative Marketing to a third party vendor and is only available to producers who are contracted with Creative Marketing. Creative Marketing is not responsible for the results of the program or any liability stemming from the use of it. Program not available in all states. Producer is responsible for compliance with insurance advertising, marketing and lead generation regulations, which vary from state to state; approval for $100 gift card offer has been approved for use in specific states. As in the case with any marketing program, securities licensed producers are responsible for obtaining approval from their broker dealer or RIA before implementing this program.

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