We mail 1,000 pieces to qualified prospects in your area on one of the hottest topics today, Social Security (for only $50k in premium). This mail piece has been perfected over the last 6 years and we’re GUARANTEEING that it works.

Of the 1000 qualified prospects who receive the mailer about Social Security and how it works, those who are Interested complete a survey with information about their financial concerns.

As survey returns are received, you have the option of contacting the prospects yourself or using one of our professional appointment setters.

You are GUARANTEED to receive a minimum of SEVEN responses, or we’ll send out more mail until you do. (We average 12 responses per 1,000 piece mailing.)

Your prospects will each receive a “Guide to Social Security” booklet as well as an educational DVD about Safe Retirement through FIAs.

The program is completely turnkey so you can focus on closing business. It’s that easy. And as you continue to write business, we will drop more mailings for you - free!

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