About Us

Founded in 1996 to help individuals close a gap in their financial planning, EM-Power Services, Inc. has evolved to provide benefit brokers with sales and enrollment services for employer sponsored long-term care insurance. Offering both stand-alone long-term care insurance, and linked benefit annuities and life insurance, EM-Power’s founding philosophy is to offer the industry's premier products so each and every client can purchase the best solution for their unique circumstances.

As insurance carriers introduced programs for employers with premium discounts and underwriting concessions, EM-Power developed a proprietary system and process for the employer market with the opportunity to bring planning solutions to the masses one company at a time.

Success in the workplace required EM-Power to design a new approach – an educational sales and enrollment process designed specifically for long-term care insurance. It starts with questions that engage decision makers. EM-Power helps companies discover a disconnect between helping their employees build wealth with sponsored savings programs when 70% of people who reach age 65 are projected to need some form of long-term care that is not covered by other insurance.