No doubt, many clients want CHOICE and CONTROL in their financial products.

The Prosperity Elite fixed indexed deferred annuity series with Protection Package* offers…

• Retire Now, Retire Later…

• Income base is the greater of

• Initial Premium that grows at 6.25% per year**, OR…

• Initial Premium with an 18% bonus

• Competitive payout rates on GMWB that improve with age…

• Death Benefit***

• Benefit base can be paid as a DB if paid over 5 years, OR…

• Lump Sum DB (Premium plus premium bonus PLUS 5% simple interest+)

• Custodial Care protection

• Receive DOUBLE GMWB payment if impaired (2/6 ADLs++)

• Accumulation

• Choice of 6 indexed interest Crediting Methods plus a fixed option

• Strong liquidity riders

• Choice of 7, 10, or 14 year surrender charge products

• Strong Caps to help with better accumulation