Single: 6% Death Benefit Rider* (lump sum payout)

Double: 10% Bonus up to Age 85**

Triple: 10% Income Benefit Base Rollup***

Additional 55% Income Benefit Base Bonus***

Find out how advisors are hitting home runs
with their clients and earning up to 8.5% commission!

Based on Secure LifeStyle Bonus Annuity with optional G.I.F.T. Benefit rider. The rider provides enhanced death benefit protection only until guaranteed withdrawals begin when the death benefit reverts to accumulation value. The benefit base is used only to calculate the guaranteed withdrawal amounts and fees under the rider. Fees are deducted from accumulation value annually.

*Available until age 85 or double the premium plus bonus, whichever comes first.
**Secure LifeStyle Bonus Annuity offers 10% bonus in most states and 8% in some states.
Bonus annuities may have lower credits and higher fees than similar nonbonus annuities.
***Income Benefit Base increases at 10% of initial value each year until guaranteed withdrawals begin.
****Available with Secure LifeStyle Bonus Annuity where 10% premium bonus is available after 12 years.

The Secure LifeStyle Bonus annuity is issued by PHL Variable Insurance Company, Hartford, CT which is solely responsible for the guarantees based on its claims-paying ability. PHL Variable Insurance Company is not affiliate with Gradient Insurance or The AltiSure Group.

For Producer Use Only - not for distribution to the public as sales literature.

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