The opportunity to provide pre-retirees the chance to properly allocate their 401(k) assets is one of the most sought after skill sets for tomorrow’s advisors. And we have the marketing suite that will allow you to become tomorrow’s advisor TODAY.

As your prospects near retirement, the need for in-service rollovers is beginning to become more and more prominent.

The first step to breaking into the 401(k) rollover market is getting your foot in the door. Our 401(k) Marketing Suite will not only get your foot in the door, but blow it off the hinges with features that include:

• Human Resources Prospecting Letter

• Trail based residual commission for the advisor

• Access to large amounts of assets for future roll-over opportunities

• Income Riders Available – 401(k) personal pension planning

Give yourself the OPPORTUNITY to become THE 401(k) advisor prospects turn to.

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