Do you know any clients who are 55 years old? Shift their future into high gear!

For every $100,000 of premium that your 55-year old clients put into the Secure LifeStyle Bonus Annuity with the G.I.F.T. BenefitSM, they get...

  • $110,000 of account value on day 1, thanks to the 10% premium bonus
  • $220,000 of death benefit by age 67, thanks to the 6% death benefit compound rollup interest rate
  • $302,500 of withdrawal benefit base at age 67, producing $15,125 of guaranteed annual lifetime withdrawals* starting at age 67

...regardless of economic conditions!
These are guarantees!

Do your older clients need a turbo charge? The Secure LifeStyle Bonus Annuity is available all the way to age 85.

Get them to their destination faster with the Secure LifeStyle Bonus Annuity.


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* Annual benefit amount is based on one life and can vary by the age of the youngest covered person at time of rider activation. See rider for more details.

G.I.F.T. BenefitSM is an optional rider and the additional fee is deducted from contract value.

This product is not registered as a security with the SEC and is not a direct investment in any stock, bond or equity investment. Products, features and availability may vary by state.

Annuities issued by PHL Variable Insurance Company (PHLVIC), Hartford, CT. PHLVIC is not licensed to conduct business in NY and ME and is not affiliated with AltiSure.

(Footnote: All figures assume no withdrawals are taken prior to age 67. Guaranteed annual lifetime withdrawals are based on a single life. Joint withdrawals are available but will result in lower guaranteed annual income.)

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