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The 2011 Annuity Success Kit
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The Ultimate Collection of the
Best Annuity Sales Ideas in 2011

Arm yourself with the most robust
Annuity Success Kit in the industry.
It is no accident that the producers at
Gradient Insurance Brokerage increase their production year after year. By
partnering together, sharing successful
marketing, and branding platforms,
Gradient producers are reaching new
production and income levels.
We would like to share those ideas with you. The more sharp minds that work together toward a common goal, the better off we all become. We have packaged the top sales ideas and training tools from 2010 and are giving them out FREE to select producers. Introducing the 2011 Annuity Success Kit.

Marketing Campaigns

FDIC Audit Campaign

Risk Audit Campaign

Beneficiary Review Campaign


Understanding Clients' Tax Returns

How to Use Morningstar Reports

Reading Brokerage Statements

RIA and Securities
Success Kit

3 Reports on Why a Securities
License is a Must

Conference Call with a
Top Investment Advisor
and Insurance Agent

Truth About Becoming an
Investment Advisor

Sales Presentations

Prospecting with Current Events

Before-and-after Asset
Allocation software

Safe Money Alternatives Report


Fidelity’s Report on
Outliving your Money

Yahoo Finance Outlining
New Guidelines for Cost Basis
Reporting on Brokerage Accounts

Boston College Retirement
Risk Index and Annuities

Qualified Money Strategies

IRA Maximizer Presentation

RMD Utilization Tips

Estate Planning with
Qualified Money


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