"Risk of Safe Money 3D Client Video"

At Gradient Investments, we believe that education and differentiation are the keys to client acquisition. Attracting new clients in this low interest rate environment is tough. All too often we see investors locking into low rate vehicles such as CDs, SPIAs or T-Bills which do not outpace inflation. Most retirees are looking for competitive interest rates and unique investment solutions. This is why we have created an educational 3-D video and White Paper written by our Chief Investment Officer, Wayne Schmidt, CFA MBA and Sr. Portfolio Manager Mike Binger, CFA.

The "Risk of Safe Money" series explores the reality of this low rate environment and positions our advisors to provide unique solutions, such as the Laddered Income Strategy. This series is a great marketing campaign that our top advisors are using in seminars, radio programs, website lead generation and much more.

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