Help clients with a variety of tools to help determine and compare the tax implications of annuities, and consider other rules and regulations regarding taxation*

This kit includes:

- Tax Review Kit Overview

- 2013 Tax Summary Illustration

- 2012 Tax Topics Checklist

- How to use the Tax Topics Checklist

- Tax laws post-fiscal cliff highlights

- 2013 tax updates


*Financial professionals should encourage their prospects
and clients to consult their tax advisor or attorney.


These materials are designed to provide general information on the subjects covered. Pursuant to IRS Circular
230, they are not, however, intended to provide specific legal or tax advice and cannot be used to avoid tax penalties or to promote, market, or recommend any tax plan or arrangement. Please note that GamePlan
Financial Marketing, LLC, its affiliated companies, and their representatives and employees do not give legal or
tax advice. Encourage your clients to consult their tax advisor or attorney.

This offer is designed for insurance licensed financial professionals.

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