Registered Reps use 6 Bricks
to Build $1M GDC Practices

Top producers are masters in only 6 areas. They keep it simple. They
find what works and they repeat. Over and over. Sound boring? It's what works. Forget the "flash in the pan." You don't need to be fancy. You need a solid foundation.

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  • How to avoid the #1 reason most registered reps and advisors fail
  • How the top 1% in our industry make so much money
  • What you haven't planned for that can sink your ship
  • How a microwave can show you how to have explosive growth
  • 5 significant time wasters that super-producers avoid like the plague
  • How to absolutely convince tax preparers (not CPAs) to send you willing, qualified prospects
  • How Keifer Sutherland's character Jack Bauer in "24" can grow your business starting tomorrow

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Forget what you know about broker/dealers. Gradient Securities, LLC, is an independent broker/dealer redefining what it takes to support registered representatives.

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