Changing Broker/Dealers is One of the Most
Gut-wrenching Decisions Reps Make in Their Careers.

  And for good reason.
  When should you make a change?
  How should you compare BDs?
What legal and practice management issues can make or break you?
You need an impartial guide to help you make the right call.
Request our complimentary guide "Transition Success: Finding the Fit and Making the Change" and you will discover:
  • 7 critical factors you should consider when comparing BDs
  • How to know when to change BDs
  • Effective transition techniques that will help you minimize practice disturbance
  • An all-important SEC rule you need to be aware of that could put you out of business
  • What boiling frogs can teach you about your business relationships
  • Dozens of tips, dos and don'ts for making your transition run as smoothly as possible
  • How to make an honest assessment of whether or not your current BD is a fit
  • How to politely end relationships with your "D" or "F" clients when you switch firms
  • How to use your firm change as a PR opportunity with local media and clients
  • What processes to use to evaluate BDs
  • Using "Me, You, We" to make this all important decision
  • Legal and contract issues you need to consider
Complete the form below to find out how you can receive our complimentary guide "Transition Success: Finding the Fit and Making the Change":

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