About Us

InsureMe specializes in providing auto, home, life, health and long-term care leads that are timely, qualified and cost effective.

Since 1993, we've given thousands of individual agents, large agencies and carriers a cost-effective way to generate new sales.

What separates InsureMe from the competition?

Lead Quality
» Our agents report excellent closing ratios from our leads and many insurance organizations rely on our leads to boost their overall profitability.

» We never use gimmicky marketing campaigns or prize giveaways to attract consumers. By advertising primarily on top-tier search engines like Google and Yahoo, we attract consumers who are already looking for insurance. This approach ensures that you get a lead that's serious about buying a policy.

» Our comprehensive quote application weeds out tire kickers and gives you all the information you need to generate a quote.

» Our leads are hot. You get real-time lead delivery and instant notification with our unique lead delivery system. That way, you can work up a quote and make contact moments after the consumer has finished our quote application.

Customer Service
» By phone or e-mail, support is free and there when you need it. Most important, you'll get a real human to promptly answer any and all of your questions. Our call center's response time rivals 911's!

» According to our last poll, 95 percent of our agents were either satisfied or very satisfied with our phone service.

» Commitment-phobic? Don't worry. InsureMe doesn't require a long-term contract or membership fees. You pay only for the leads you receive. You also have the convenience and flexibility of a month-to-month service.

» Additionally, you have the power to make changes to your online account. View your account and tailor your leads to ensure you get the most desirable prospects.

» InsureMe filters help you save time, money and effort. With a myriad of lead types to choose from, you can be sure to maximize your lead-generation ROI.

Free Online Tools
» Get leads quickly and organize them effortlessly with the Agent Connection, an 'always on' lead delivery and organization tool. Web-based, the Agent Connection lets you receive, view, print, rate, archive and flag your leads wherever there's an internet connection!

» Read daily sales and marketing tips on the Agent Blog! After you've scanned the headlines in the Journal, check out the Agent Blog each morning for fresh insurance news as well as tips on how to improve your business.

» Whatever your interest area—niche marketing, prospecting, closing strategies—there's something for you at the Agent Resource Center. Choose from over 60 in-depth articles.

Bottom Line: InsureMe Works!
Our network consists' of thousands of insurance professionals nationwide who have helped millions of consumers with their insurance needs.