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Desires, goals, ambitions, drive and aspirations. We all have them. So, why do some individuals reach and exceed their own desires, while others lock them up into a simple daydream?

As I was growing my personal production from $3 million a year to over $28 million, I realized the only thing that prevented me from achieving my goals any sooner was me.

I believe our personal, financial and business dreams are as unique as our own fingerprints, but the methods to make these dreams a reality may not actually be so diverse.

Please understand, I do not pretend to have the “black magical feather” for everyone (you’ll have to excuse the Disney’s Dumbo reference. I’ve got six children at home). I don’t believe that after reading this article, your business goals or practice ambitions will be accomplished overnight. I merely want to share what I found was holding me back and what now is allowing me to reach new accomplishments.

My hope is that you may find a couple of helpful nuggets, allowing you to break free of whatever it is that has engaged the parking brake on your ambitions.

1. Change your ambition to a plan

Have you written it down? 
I know this may seem a little silly, but I believe it is the best 
place to start. Write down your 

What do you want to
 accomplish? Not on a napkin at 
McDonalds while you’re waiting for your combo meal, I mean write it down
 some place where you can continually refer to it. This could be in a
 composition book, an email to yourself or even a personal journal.

Determine what the steps are to accomplish your goal as you
 see them. Share your plan and steps with someone who has already 
accomplished these goals or is further down the road with similar goals. Ask them for
their advice. Make yourself teachable. 
Though your paths may differ, there is still valuable insight you 
could learn from them.

Stumbling block

This is where I typically would crash and burn in the past. I would dream up this great plan to take my family and business to astronomical financial heights. Then the inevitable would happen. I would have to pay the bills.

My father, also an advisor, often said, “We are unemployed every Monday.”

In a sense, that is true. We are constantly focused on supporting our families, our business and our employees. Unfortunately, that focus can be very distracting from growing our own business.

Shortly after creating a master plan, I would find I had to meet with a new client, plan for a seminar and track money as it was being rolled over from one financial vehicle to another. Before I knew it, a week, a month or a year had gone by and not a single goal on that wonderful piece of paper was ever accomplished. This is what I’ve learned to do in order to stop that cycle:

2. Aim small, shoot fast

Create small tasks that you can accomplish immediately to 
help you reach the larger goal. For example, schedule lunch with three accountants this week to discuss referrals. If you are like me, you may have to go even smaller: Call an accountant on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Hold yourself accountable. 
Go over your weekly or daily list and take pride in the tasks 
accomplished and do not forgive yourself for those missed. Add anything not completed to the 
following day or week.

Soon you 
will find that it is much easier to get it done immediately rather than 
postponing them. Otherwise, you’ll get buried under your own list very

3. It takes money

Create a budget. Make a commitment on how much you are going
to spend to accomplish these business, marketing and office goals. Commit to increase your budget as soon as you hit financial

Stumbling block — know thyself:

I struggled with this financial part of the equation. I found that when I finally gained some traction, life would happen and there would be some new expense, taking me all the way back to square one. This would immediately become a sea anchor that would slow, if not stop, my forward progress.

I actually had to develop a bare bones budget, cutting out all of the wants and leaving only the needs of my family. I then committed to taking everything extra and pouring it directly into my business. I was bound and determined to outspend my competition, and I did.

Truthfully, it was only after making that financial commitment that my business had the financial wherewithal to hit the fast lane.

4. Believe.
 Confidence is key.

Believe you can accomplish your goal. Believe that you have the best product for your client. Believe that no one will take better care of your customer
 than you.

A confident advisor is one who believes in what they say and recommend. This belief is tangible; your clients will feel and see it.

5. What are you waiting for? Get to it!

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