THE IMPACT PARTNERSHIP IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE our exclusive partnership with Security Benefit Life Insurance Company (SBL), a Guggenheim Partners company. Impact is one of only four Independent Marketing Organizations chosen by Security Benefit to offer their Total Value Annuity product. Only 2,000 Advisors nationwide will have the initial opportunity to sell this new product.

This industry-changing product features:

  • Up to 10% Premium Bonus1
  • Uncapped interest crediting option based on an Index proprietary to SBL2
  • The respective Benefit Bases in the available riders increase at a guaranteed 4% compounded annually + any interest accumulated in the indexed or fixed crediting options
  • An Income Rider with ultra-competitive payout factors and a Home Healthcare Doubler
  • Death Benefit rider provides lump sum payout of Benefit Base3
  • 7% commission

1 Depending on state, age and rider purchased.

2 Depending on market conditions, participation rates and spreads may apply in the future.

3 Capped at 300% of total premium.

And offering the potential for BEST-IN-INDUSTRY accumulation! Based on backcasting, with an initial allocation of 50% to the S&P 500® Annual Point to Point (3% cap) and 50% to the revolutionary new uncapped Crediting Option, look what might have happened!4

Hypothetical Assumptions:

  • 10% premium bonus
  • Allocations:
  • 50% NEW Uncapped Index proprietary to SBL

    50% S&P 500® Annual PTP Allocation with a 3.0 % Cap

Stacking Roll-up to Income Benefit Base or Death Benefit Base4:

1.Guaranteed – 4.00%

2.Least 10 Years –7.67%

3.Median 10 Years – 9.51%

4.Best 10 Years – 10.37%

5.Last 10 Years -7.80%

Because of the exclusivity of this product, we can only appoint a very limited number of advisors to write this amazing new annuity. If you have written $1 Million+ in Fixed Index Annuities over the past 12 months, you qualify for this incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity— call The Impact Partnership today.

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4Backcasting data is based on annual geometric averages of the change in the two indices during the applicable 10-year period. It is no indication of the future interest rate to be credited on the Total Value Annuity Account Value or the future Benefit Base Roll-up. The uncapped Crediting Option is a multi-year term, so generally index interest is credited to the Benefit Base at end of the multi-year term.

Income Benefit Base is not available for withdrawals, death benefit or annuitization. Death Benefit Base is not available for withdrawals or annuitization. The Benefit Base Roll-ups are not interest credited to the Total Value Annuity's Account Value.

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