Barron's Article Praises Annuities and Lists Top 25

Positive News for Annuities

In an article written by Karen Hube for the Saturday, June 18 issue of Barron's, the Annuity gets its due. Hube writes:

"Annuities, maligned for years as expensive gimmicks, are now shining in a big way. The basic features that critics used to blast as too costly-downside protection and guaranteed payouts-have paid off spectacularly..."

The article includes a list of the Top 25 Annuities as selected by Barron's. At IPG we're pleased to offer the the #1 contact us for a Product Profile today!

Barron's June 18th cover story, Best Annuities, showcases their picks for the top 25 annuities. In the category of capped S&P indexed annuities, LSW makes the list twice, with LSW SecurePlus Platinum leading the way!

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