NCOIL president advocating 'Bill Of Rights' for life policyholders

By Chris Orestis

Life Care Funding

The president of the National Conference of Insurance Legislators added his voice to a chorus of concern over retained-asset accounts for life insurance death benefits.

"NCOIL has grave concerns and awaits with extreme interest the outcome of current probes, including Veteran Administration and New York Attorney General investigations," Kentucky state Rep. Robert Damron said in an Aug. 4 press release.

Damron advocated a "Beneficiaries Bill of Rights" that would "guide" states that have not already adopted models for dealing with retained-asset accounts. The release noted that NCOIL is working on a model disclosure law for its annual meeting that would require insurers to notify policy owners of their rights and options with respect to life insurance policies. The meeting is scheduled for Nov. 17 through Nov. 21.

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