Effectively illustrate the value of annuities versus other traditional fixed assets like Certificates of Deposit with these two complimentary downloads!

• "The Power of Tax Deferral" - 9 Page Customizable Presentation - Learn the secret to closing CD clients by explaining the difference between "Taxable Accounts" and "Tax Deferred Accounts". With Capital Gains tax rates increasing to 20% next year, this will become a much more important talking point for CD holders and a great way to close more annuity business.

• "Taxable Rates vs Tax Deferred Rates" - 12 Page Agent Guide - We frequently get requests from agents looking for a quick way to compare tax deferred rates versus taxable rates. This guide is a great resource to easily find the effective after tax rate for CDs along with the compound effect of paying capital gains each year as opposed to deferring taxes in an annuity.

At MFIS, we are always looking for ways to help you close more business and make more money. If your marketing company didn't pay you $24k in reimbursement last year, you will definitely want to check out the "Magellan Rewards" program (you'll find the link after you complete the form below).

Please complete the form below to gain access to the tax deferral reports and learn more about our rewards programs and upcoming business builders event. I look forward to working with you in the near future!

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