About Us

M&L Premium Enterprises, Inc. an Austin based software company was founded jointly by a 34 year veteran insurance consultant and attorney and a 35 year veteran manager in the computer industry. As entrepreneurs they saw the need for promotional products for the financial services industry that would be value added products that relate to the products and services of the industry and which go beyond the traditional “logo” promotional products.

In late November 2011, we launched our flagship product, “Being Prepared”, software every family needs. Market research revealed that very few households have all of their important financial information and documents identified, organized, captured and stored together in safe and secure locations where it is easily accessible in the event of computer failures, a home disaster, or a family member death. This product fills the need of protecting your clients’ most important information in those times when they most need it and is a true value add offering, compared to traditional promotional product, for agents and advisors to give to both their prospective and existing customers. Equally important it also captures the basic information necessary for any financial planning.