with a company Rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best1

In the Annuity Business for Yourself, Not by Yourself

Think of Midland National as your business partner. We are proud to be able to offer independent agents a direct contact, no middle man, with comprehensive support and outstanding products to help you build your business... your way.

What does Agent Direct look like?

Direct resource for annuity sales support, annuity information and training

Direct access to home office staff - one-on-one support to help grow your business

Competitive annuity rates and commissions

Sales tools like Cloning Your “A” Client and the “Bridging the Retirement Gap” kit

One of the Best Agent Reward Programs in the Industry

Qualify for the Premier Agent Club2 to earn:

Up to 1% extra commission3

Instant access to a dedicated team that will help get your business issued up to 9 days faster4

Travel Rewards with 2014 Agents' Convention in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Deferred compensation...and much more

“I have a relationship with someone on the other end of the phone, in the home office, who knows me and knows my practice...”

Doug H. Long-time Midland National PAC Agent

Competitive Annuities and Commissions

Distinctive annuity features include:

Inverse Performance Trigger5

Gold Price Option6

Capped and Uncapped Options (May be subject to a Participation Rate and or Index Margin)

Competitive Retire X-Cel®: Optional Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit (GLWB)7 with three Bonus Credit options.

And Up to 9% commission8

At Midland National, we take pride in being rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best since 19791.

Unlike many financial companies, we are not publicly traded which means our member companies are not subject to the same short-term earnings pressures that publicly held companies often face.

We are experienced; most of our senior management team has been with the company since inception of the annuity division.

Complete the form below for information on our company strength, products and agent reward program that will help you grow your business!


1. Midland National is rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best., a large third-party independent reporting and rating company that rates an insurance company on the basis of the company's financial strength, operating performance, and ability to meet its obligations to contract holders. A+ (Superior) is the second highest rating out of 15 rating categories and was affirmed on May 24, 2012 to Midland National, as part of the Sammons Financial Group (which consists of Midland National Life Insurance Company and North American Company for Life and Health Insurance®). For the latest rating, access

2. Refer to the Premier Agent Club guide (12482Y) for additional information.

3. Payment of commission bonus: This commission bonus is payable only to the writing agent on personal production applications on first-year paid premium only. Paid premium for commission bonus is defined as paid premium minus first-year cancellations, withdrawals or surrenders. Subagent business will not be eligible for the bonus. For licensed only agents, the commission bonus will be paid to the commission-assigned entity. Commission bonus will be paid through normal commission channels on first-year premium only. Agent is responsible for bonus through issuance of IRS Form 1099. This commission bonus is payable on a monthly basis and will be paid no later than the 20th of the subsequent qualifying month. Any debit balance incurred by the agent/agency will reduce any applicable commission bonus. Products eligible for commission bonus may change as the Midland National product portfolio changes and are subject to state availability. It is the responsibility of the agent to stay abreast of product offerings and state approvals. Please contact Marketing Support or visit for complete product approval and availability. Agents may be removed from the commission bonus benefit at any time. Renewal premiums added to in-force annuity contracts will receive the commission bonus on first year premiums only as long as the original Contract was issued after the agent was formally placed in the Premier Club. All decisions are at the sole discretion of Midland National. This commission bonus may be changed and/or cancelled by Midland National at any time. Agents must agree to business review and/or seminar review at the request of Midland National. Except as expressly provided herein, this information does not amend, modify or change the terms of the Agent Contract. The Agent Contract shall remain in full force and otherwise govern the rights of the parties. Termination of the Agent Contract will automatically terminate agent's participation in the Premier Club. Certain limitations may apply to the benefits outlined above based on the agents affiliation with Midland National.

4.Based on the average processing time for Cash with Applications issued in December, 2012. This is not a guarantee, each individual case may vary.

5. MNL RetireVantageSM and MNL EndeavorSM Series are issued on forms AC/AS124A, AC/AS132A (certificate/contract) by Midland National Life Insurance Company, West Des Moines, IA. Please see product brochures for further details.

6. All references to The London Gold Market Fixing prices are used with the permission of The London Gold Market Fixing Limited and have been provided for informational purposes only. The London Gold Market Fixing Limited accepts no liability or responsibility for the accuracy of the prices or the underlying product to which the prices may be referenced.

7. This rider is issued by Midland National Life Insurance Company, West Des Moines, IA and may not be available in all states, may not be available on all products, or appropriate for all clients. The Retire X-Cel® GMWB Rider is an optional guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit (GLWB) available for an additional cost issued on form AR202A (rider) and PS202B (spec page) or appropriate state variation.

8.Commission is based on (DA1000) schedule plus up to 1% additional bonus if you qualify for the Premier Agent Club Program. Commissions may vary according to the product, client's issue age, and issue state. See your current commission schedule for further details. Premier Agent Club Program may change at any time. See Premier Agent Club Program Guide (12482Y) for complete details. All decisions are final and are at the sole discretion of Midland National.

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