About Us

We work with advisors differently than other groups do. We take a vested interest in helping you grow your business. We give you the personalized attention necessary to get you fully plugged into our programs and on your way to the next level of success.

We have a variety of business building programs available to help you grow your business your way. We have tried and true approaches to help you grow your business through:

• Workshops
• Tuition-based adult education classes
• Specialty client referral events
• Direct mail
• Pre-set appointments, and more

Personalized Direction and Mentorship

A characteristic unique to 3-Mentors, our company was founded and is still led by three active top producers. The three mentors are committed to testing programs in their own practices first before rolling them out to advisors in the group. Additionally, each mentor is dedicated to personally helping you grow your practice. The founding three mentors help you by:
• Offering one-on-one training (Drink at the Well) in one of their personal offices
• Holding group training events
• Assisting with complicated cases or business challenges, and more.

Business Building Programs

Our business building programs, known as our “Proven Paths to Prosperity” have been credited with helping advisors go from being an “income producer” to a “business builder” at record speed. Our programs have led advisors to reach the production milestones of $2M, $5M, $7M, $10M, $15M, $20M and even $40M per year!