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Mark Fitzgerald
Are you selling products or providing solutions?
Article posted by Mark Fitzgerald
There’s a big difference between selling products and providing solutions. Even though both activities aim to end with a sale, making it your priority to provide solutions first and foremost is a better approach for both your clients and your practice. This is especially true when you are helping your clients plan for retirement and explore annuities as part of their portfolio.

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Daniel Williams
25 best business books: 11-15
Article posted by Daniel Williams
Find out what experts say about closing sales, generating leads and building referral networks in today's best business book list.

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Julius Giarmarco
How to protect inherited IRAs
Article posted by Julius Giarmarco
Given the vast amount of wealth inside IRAs, careful consideration is required in naming beneficiaries. The Clark v. Rameker decision has brought attention to the advantages and disadvantages of naming trusts as beneficiaries of inherited IRAs.

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Tye Elliott
Brokers play pertinent role during open enrollment
Article posted by Tye Elliott
With open enrollment around the corner, it’s essential for employees to understand their benefits options so they can choose the right health care plan that best fits their needs. As a trusted advisor, this is a great opportunity to arm your clients with communications best practices to help employees navigate their health insurance choices.

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Erez Rotem - Goldenbridge
Can I still do a life settlement if I only have a limited time?
Article posted by Erez Rotem
Spread the word. Every insurance agent should be recommending this to their older clients who still have the option to convert but who choose not to.

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