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Part one of this series discussed how the health insurance industry offers greater opportunities for entrepreneurs and self-motivated individuals, while part two delved into the first two tactics for higher lead conversion and expanding your business one lead at a time. In part three, we examined the role of persistence as well as the potential benefits of straying from the pack. The previous article focused on conversion rates and testing and tracking. Now, we'll complete the series with the seventh tactic.

Tactic No. 7: Automate so you can close more

Have you heard about the newly licensed health insurance agent submitting over two dozen applications every month from a spare room in the basement? This is no longer a rare occurrence. Many one-agent shops are now routinely outperforming larger traditional agencies.

How do they do it?

In one word, the answer is "technology." With the right automation tools, anyone can efficiently handle dozens of applications each month.

By using technology to automate your agency, you can focus on your most important task: selling. Best of all, these powerful tools are now available for every health insurance agent in America.

    1. Lead management. By automating your lead management, you can handle hundreds of new leads each month without having to hire an admin while you reduce the chances of leads falling through the cracks.

    2. Quote engine. Slash your quoting time by up to 96 percent by generating up-to-date quotes and detailed proposals in seconds.

    3. Web site. You can't afford not to be online, and with an imbedded quote engine, your Web site can be a one-stop 24-hour resource for online health insurance shoppers.

    4. Drip marketing. Make your persistence marketing nearly effortless with an e-mail auto-responder that keeps you connected with thousands of unclosed leads, without pulling your focus away from the hot "ready to close" leads that need your attention now.
There's no excuse not to start now

Lead tracking does take a little effort at first -- just to get things started. But it doesn't require a lot of extra expenses.

The real cost arises from the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in lost sales revenue and profits that arise if you don't monitor your leads.

To begin uncovering the untapped closings and sales hidden among the leads you already have, you need to start your lead tracking program today. You'll increase your revenue without busting your budget -- while you grow your business one additional lead closing at a time.

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