Immediately Expand

Your Sales in the Business Owner Market

Partners Advantage Insurance Services is hosting a special event that will help you identify tremendous opportunities in the life insurance market and give you the tools to immediately generate sales! We’ll cover your travel, hotel, meals and training.*

  • Hear from producers who are already successful in this market
  • Learn from presentations by a top-rated carrier’s Advanced Markets and Training staff, who are extremely knowledgeable in this market
  • Reap benefits from the ongoing sales support and training you’ll receive from the Partners Advantage team, including our Life Express Team, Advanced Markets staff and In-house Underwriter

If you’re currently working with small to mid-sized businesses in your community or would like to expand in this marketplace and you have at least 25 relationships with small business owners earning $250,000+ in income, you need to join us for this 3-day training event.

This is a very limited opportunity - only a small group of preferred producers will receive invitations to attend.

Complete the form below to see if you qualify and we’ll provide you with complimentary access to our article “Opportunities Abound in the Underserved Small Business Market.”

I have a minimum of 5 years experience as a life insurance professional
I currently have at least 25 relationships with small business owners earning an income of $250,000 or more
I am already working with small and mid-size business owners
I have a minimum of $125,000 commissionable income each year

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