The importance of basic, personal communicationBlog added by Kathy Benson on October 20, 2011
Kathy Benson

Kathy Benson

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In today’s world of instant messaging, texting and emailing, it is not surprising that many people have forgotten the value of the letter and the beauty of handwriting.

On a recent visit to Kansas City, my mother asked me to take her to find post cards. As a person in my forties, I was shocked that someone wanted to send a postcard. The thought of the postcard took me back to the days of my childhood when my grandfather would send a postcard from Florida. I remember the excitement I felt when it finally came in the mail.

Considering to the age of many clients we come in contact with, why have we gone away from the personal touch?

I am sure most send emails or e-cards to clients on special occasions, but what about a personally handwritten card? Like the postcard my mother sent, the handwritten envelope could bring back many memories and mean more to your client than just that you remembered their special day.

Of course handwriting envelopes and cards take time, but think of the referrals you could get from them sharing the thought with friends. Setting yourself apart from the competition could be a simple handwritten envelope, note or letter.

Additionally, communicating with your clients is very important. Sometimes we are too busy to pick up the phone and call the client; instead we send a text or email. Continuing to have verbal communication is important to the older generation.

Please remember in this tech savvy world, we need to remember that the basic forms of communication can mean more to our senior generation. The lack of personal touch may cause us to disconnect from our senior clients.

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