In addition to traditional fixed index annuity (FIA) benefits such as tax-deferral, lifetime income and a death benefit for beneficiaries, Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America (Allianz) just announced the launch of a new index allocation option offering your clients an additional choice for retirement accumulation available exclusively through the Allianz PreferredSM platform.

What does this mean for you and your clients? This exciting new feature was created for consumers approaching retirement that are looking for a managed volatility option.


How does it work? In general, when the S&P 500® volatility is low, the balance shifts more toward the S&P 500®. But when volatility is high, the balance shifts towards the Barclays Capital US Aggregate Bond index. Basically, the index does the work of shifting between equities and bonds, so you don’t have to!


This index allocation option is exclusive to Allianz fixed index annuities; no other insurance carriers currently have access to the index. This means you now have an exclusive opportunity to offer a new strategy to your clients that your competition may not have access to.

The Barclays US Dynamic Index allocation is just one of several index options offered on Allianz fixed index annuities.

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