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Work from home businesses are becoming an increasingly popular trend. Home based insurance agents enjoy more freedom and save money by not driving all around, as well as the bonuses of no office rental, no childcare fees etc. They also benefit in the emotional aspect of their life, as rush hour stress will no longer be a part of their daily routine. In addition, stay-at-home parents can have more quality time with their children.

However, working from home can have drawbacks if you do not manage your time properly. It is important to place some control measures before starting your home based insurance business.


In the absence of bosses looking over your shoulder, you need to have high degree of self-discipline. You must be able to supervise yourself to get your work done in a timely manner. You need self control to keep distractions such as children, spouse, pets, friends and television at bay. Environment has great influence on a person's mood and behavior, so creating a positive and motivated environment will go a long way.

Work schedule

Have a professional work schedule, and be ready to commit to it. A work schedule helps you form a good work habit. Your work schedule is the best tool to make sure you stay on track towards your business goals. Identify your prime time and schedule important tasks during your most productive time. A well-planned work schedule allows your customers and your family to know when you are at work. This helps them respect your boundaries and manage their expectation. Working from home may make you feel disconnected from the world. When planning your week, include a hobby or lunches with friends or other home based business owners for some updates. Such social gatherings help relieve the feelings of isolation.

Have an entrepreneurial mindset

When you think like a business owner, you will see things differently. Where people see problems, you may see opportunities. Think ahead and see the big picture, and then seize every opportunity to add value to your business. Home based business allows you to decide what kind of market you want to target and what kind of insurance products you want to introduce to these markets. A well-crafted business plan will help you maximize your profits.


Having a clearly-defined goal is a prerequisite for success in any business endeavor. Once you have decided your business goals, do not lose sight of what you want to achieve in your business. Succeed on your own terms. View your business venture as a journey -- decide your destination and plan your strategies. Be proactive and persevere with a relentless focus on results.

Family support

Your family members may also experience changes in their lifestyle, and they have the right to know how your plan affects them. It is very likely that they need to make sacrifices in order to accommodate your business. Help your family members understand, in advance, the reasons why you are opting to work from home. Ask for their support, especially if you have to work twice as hard at the inception of your home based business.

At times, break out of your shell. It is good to form a buddy system with someone who also works remotely from home. Offer to host a co-working session at your house. You'll be able to exchange ideas and strengthen your network. Successful home based insurance agents are able to maintain a healthy balance between work and home. Working from home may not be for every insurance agent, but it can be a very fulfilling way to make a living.

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